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Ladder Safety

With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be decorating our homes inside and out. Hanging ornaments and lights are fun holiday activities but involve reaching high places which can make them dangerous activities as well. When decorating indoors make sure you use a step stool or ladder. You should avoid using furniture such as couches or desks. Decorate with someone else. It’s more fun and you have someone available in case of an emergency. Outdoor ladder safety is extremely important when hanging lights. In comparison to indoor decorating, you are higher off the ground and are exposed to Mother Nature. The first thing you should do is check the weather for storms with high winds a

Yoga for Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

A review of previous research studying the effectiveness of yoga for chronic (>3 months) low back pain patients found strong evidence to support yoga for short term improvements in pain, back specific disability, and general overall improvement. Over the long term, there was also strong evidence to suggest yoga was effective for pain relief. However, there was only moderate evidence to suggest that it could improve the disabilities arising from low back pain over the long term. A recent Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative suggests the use of supervised yoga for short term improvement in pain and neck disability for chronic grade I-II neck associated problem (no nerve involvement) pati