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"I have been seeing both Anne and Eugene for 20+ years. They are awesome, proficient, demonstrate a very high degree of excellence and skill and solve my problems. Thank you for your brilliance and care."

Selena F, MD

"As always, my experience today at Lee Chiropractic Clinic was fabulous, timely, pleasant, and thorough. In the almost five years I've been coming here, I've always left with a laugh and a smile. What Anne and Eugene help us achieve - life without pain - cannot be understated!"

Shannon C

“I don’t know where I’d be had a friend not sent me to Lee Chiropractic.  After sustaining a significant injury at work and being dismissed by two medical professionals, Eugene was the only one to diagnose my concussion.  As an artist and an athlete, a concussion left me in the dark in more ways than one.  With each appointment my mind and soul were as carefully treated as my body and I know this finely tuned balance was paramount to my recovery.” 

Lindsay M.

"The Lees have always been outstanding, both in fitting me and my family in when there's an emergency, and knowing just what to do when we get there. Overall the maintenance program has kept us on our feet more often than not over the years, something we treasure everyday. Thanks Team!"


"I had constant neck and shoulder pain due to all my years of studying and work. In spite of my doubts about seeing a chiropractor, I am very pleased with my treatment and results."

Henry S.

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Protecting and preventing us from running injuries with exercises and stretches."

Suzy & Chris

“Thanks so much! You are so dedicated to your clients, which is very integrous! Your support over my injury was phenomenal! I attribute my success to your chiropractic care & sensitivity, Kent’s mara-massages which hurt like h_ _ _, but really worked, and my own stamina to resist overtraining and to do my rehab exercises. The run was great, NO KNEE PAIN or any pain during the event and recovery was quick.”

Joni R.

1st time marathoner

“What makes Anne so great is that she spends the time to figure out the root of the problem. When I hurt my knee half way through my marathon training, she helped me recover and suggested exercises for me to do in order to prevent further injury. Thanks to her, I completed my marathon injury free. Thanks Anne!”

Yee L.

1st time marathoner

“It was a beautiful day for a long run on May 4th! Thank you for fixing my ITB (iliotibial band) before the big one…I had no problem at all with my ITB throughout the run!… Thank you for the information about fueling so that I could plan my intake…I survived until the end of 26.2 miles!”

Ed L.

1st time marathoner

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