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World Spine Day

October 16 is World Spine Day

An estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from back pain, with spinal pain and disability affecting all age groups, from children to the elderly. It is the biggest single cause of years lived with disability on the planet, with one in four adults estimated to suffer from back pain during their lives. Prevention is therefore key and this year’s World Spine Day will be encouraging people to take steps to be kind to their spines, reactivate and get #BackOnTrack.

Make sure you engage in some of your favourite practices for spinal health! Some ideas may be:

Get active

· Move your body for at least 30 minutes of physical activity

· Choose exercise you enjoy

· Weight-bearing exercise is great for bone health

· Keep flexible with safe stretching


· Take care of your spine if working from home

· Don’t sit for too long

· Take regular breaks

Mobile device use

· Prolonged use of a mobile device can give rise to neck and back pain

· Set a timer to remind you to take a break and move your spine

Lift well

· Take care when lifting

· Ask for help when lifting heavy or awkward objects

· Avoid repetitive lifting 

· Protect your back when lifting by avoiding reaching or twisting

Eat healthily

· Obesity is linked to back pain

· Avoid loading your joints by adopting a healthy diet

· Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water


Adopt strategies to support your mental health.  Mental health is an important part of your overall health, including your spinal health

· Take time to relax

· Avoid situations where you are under extreme stress 

· Learn to recognize the signs of stress, anxiety or depression

· Seek help from a qualified health professional if you feel you are suffering from mental health issues

Get adequate rest -tiredness can make you vulnerable to back pain

· To optimize your health ensure you are getting in 8 hours of zzz’s!

· Take rest breaks if you have a job that involves lots of repetition.


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