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Ladder Safety

ladder safety

With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be decorating our homes inside and out. Hanging ornaments and lights are fun holiday activities but involve reaching high places which can make them dangerous activities as well.

When decorating indoors make sure you use a step stool or ladder. You should avoid using furniture such as couches or desks. Decorate with someone else. It’s more fun and you have someone available in case of an emergency.

Outdoor ladder safety is extremely important when hanging lights. In comparison to indoor decorating, you are higher off the ground and are exposed to Mother Nature. The first thing you should do is check the weather for storms with high winds and precipitation. Next make sure the ladder you are using is in good condition (no rusting, missing parts etc). Strategically place the ladder so that you avoid power lines and trees. Lean the ladder against a wall at a ratio of 4:1 to stop it from falling over. For example, if the ladder is four metres tall, place the foot of the ladder one metre from the wall. Have someone with you to hold the base of the ladder. When you climb, always face the ladder and grip the rungs to climb – not the side rails. Always keep three points of contact on the ladder whether two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand. Keep these safety tips in mind during the festive season and stay safe!

These are just some of the major safety tips. If you want more information go to WorkSafe BC:

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