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March Food Madness

March is national nutrition month as well as the infamous March Madness. We thought we would see which foods make it to the final four for being the most nutritious. I’m sure if there was a single super food that we could eat to get all our daily nutrients we would do it. Unfortunately, this super food does not exist. Instead we are organisms that are capable of eating a variety of different foods that are animal and plant-based to get our daily nutrition requirements. A study conducted in 2015 compared 1000 raw foods to find out which one had the highest nutrition score. The higher the nutrition score, the more likely each food would meet, but not exceed your daily nutritional needs, when

The Sleep Gene

March 4 – March 11 is national sleep awareness week. Sleep is an integral part of daily life; we will spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping. Lack of sleep can lead to enhanced pain sensitivity, increased anxiety, and reduced pain inhibition. We already know that the Western lifestyle makes it hard to get enough sleep but it also might be the time of night/day that you are trying to fall asleep. Everyone on the planet has an internal clock that tells you when to go to bed and when to wake up. However, some people may have a predisposition to be a night owl and have an internal clock that is different than the average person. Nobel Prize winning research has found that there is a ‘