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Dr. Anne Maylin-Lee brings a wealth of experience as a chiropractor. After 30 years, she is still excited to be a chiropractor and enjoys continually learning and working together with her patients to solve their problems. She has given numerous talks on chiropractic care, running biomechanics, running injury prevention and aging well. She was a committee member for the College of Chiropractors of BC, helping to support best practices amongst her colleagues.

Anne is a long-time runner and enjoys time with family and friends, cycling, swimming, cross-training, snow shoeing, cooking, and being outdoors. She enjoys seeing her patients interested in taking care of their health, and teaching each person that their body and spine are strong, resilient, and respond well to challenges for improvement. She supports and celebrates individuals as they initiate and maintain a full and healthy life. Her latest adventure is to enjoy the sport of pickleball.

Tues - Thurs: 9am - 6pm

"I have seen Anne for a couple of years now and she is a great chiropractor. She has patience, tolerance and most of all a sense of humour! She is fun and caring. I received a fantastic treatment from her today. My neck can move easier now. Thanks, Anne!!"

Anne W.

"Anne has been my chiropractor for a few years and she is an amazing woman that is always so positive about life. She is extremely professional and gives a thorough adjustment. She not only helps to alleviate any aches and pains but also provides helpful techniques to prevent the problems from recurring."

Tara V.

"Michelangelo is to marble what Dr. Anne Maylin-Lee is to the body.  She will find your DAVID within, guiding and encouraging the REVEAL."

 Nadine M.

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