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Arthritis and Wrinkles

“Arthritis”, also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis, is a natural part of aging (similar to wrinkles in our skin). Factors that lead to an earlier onset of degeneration include genetics, diet, obesity and a previous injury. Previous injuries are probably the best predictor of whether you will have early degeneration. Studies have shown that more than 80% of 50 year olds will present with some form of degeneration (as seen on imaging) around the spine and not complain about pain. The prevalence of disk degeneration found in asymptomatic individuals increases from 37% of 20-year-old individuals to 96% of 80-year-old individuals (Brinjikli 2015). Although degenerative changes in

Use the Force(s)

New research explains why prolonged rest is not advised after an acute injury or musculoskeletal problem and that recovery should include joint and muscle stimulation (movement). Every injury and musculoskeletal problem is unique, and there is no standard protocol for all situations. However, it is important to know that resting with an ice or heat pack for prolonged periods can set us back in the healing process. Ice causes vasoconstriction, reduces tissue oxygenation, and inhibits the inflammatory response needed to initiate healing. Prolonged rest delays the body’s healing response too. When we move, the benefits of mechanotransduction occur. Mechanotransduction occurs when the physical d