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Get Crackin'!

Have Low Back Pain? Research says: Don’t Wait Around! We have all been there. You’ve thrown your back out and you wave it off thinking it will go away. A few days pass, and it’s still there so you decide to self-treat - heat packs, ice packs, rest, etc. A week or two passes and the pain has not only remained, but it has gotten worse! Nothing you do seems to work, so you decide it’s time to go see a doctor. For those with acute lower back pain (ALBP), it’s often serious enough to be sent to see a specialist - and the wait times can be months! What if we told you that for most back pain issues, waiting to see a doctor or specialist is actually causing you unnecessary prolonged pain? A recent

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate...Oh My!

Coffee The first thing many of us think about the minute we get up in the morning is a nice big cup of coffee to get that caffeine kick started. But did you know that coffee does a lot more than provide you with the much needed energy booster? Coffee increases what scientists call “plasma antioxidant capacity” or antioxidants in the blood. Chronic coffee consumption may also increase blood sugar levels slightly. This slight increase in blood sugar from caffeinated coffee is an added benefit for athletes who need that blood sugar to fuel their muscles. That’s one reason why a small amount of coffee before an event is considered a performance enhancer. Tea Tea is the world’s second most popula