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March is Nutrition Month

As March is Nutrition Month, we focus on easy nutrition tips to follow and incorporate in your day to day life, and a hidden tool that some people forget is available at their disposal - the Dietitian. Building a Balanced Diet – Finding a balanced diet can be difficult with the complications of a busy schedule, a restricted diet or being unsure where to start. Vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and healthy oils are a good place to start. Then think of at least one meal a day to start: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Consider which meal you have the most time to dedicate yourself to and start planning meals! A convenient healthy meal go-to is the one tray meal. Below you will find a link with s

The Power of Music

Everyone has at least one song that they can name off the top of their head that really encapsulated their youth and when you listen to that song in your adulthood, it really has a magical ability to transport you in that moment. This magical ability music that provides works hand in hand with our brain. This has been a hot topic for the Alzheimer’s community and due to viral YouTube videos, the general public. Music has the ability to help some of the elderly recapture these memories, if only for a while. The elderly population is the most common group that music therapists work with. It’s estimated that 65% of music therapists in Canada work with the cognitively impaired elderly. How music