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Get Out of Here and Get Out There

Suddenly it is spring, with summer not too far off. Many of us enjoy hiking this time of year - we enjoy the fresh air, warmth on our skin, majestic BC scenery and the camaraderie of our co-hikers. Our bodies respond well to challenge - even thriving with the stimulus and do our best if we also make realistic challenges. Plan Smart: Progress Slowly - start with shorter, flatter hikes in May and progress to longer, steeper hikes in August. Fuel Properly - consider your energy needs for the size of your physical challenge and treat your body right with enough sleep, water, and fuel (pre/during/post hike). Prepare Accordingly - carry a comfortable back pack or waist pack for water, foods, etc.

Ace Your Posture

How Awareness, Control and Environment Impact Posture Posture Month is an annual reminder to find out how your posture changed over the last year… for better or for worse. From workplace warriors to aging boomers who want to stay active, there’s confusion about what’s posture-smart, what’s a gimmick, and what’s actionable. 1. Awareness – Forget good or bad. Posture is strong or weak, and there’s always a path to improvement. Our habits at work, when we exercise and at play shape our body. Especially as we spend more time hunched over tablets and phones texting and surfing, it’s smart to start being aware of the health impacts of our habits. Did you know? College students are cell-phone addic