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Oh Sorry, Canada is 150 Eh!

As I am sure you are well aware Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday. Unfortunately, Canada Day wasn’t officially celebrated until 1917 when Canada turned 50 because prior to the 1900s Canadians regarded themselves as British citizens. Canada’s centennial was the first widespread celebration around the country and ever since the celebration has slowly grown. Finally, by the 1980s the government began funding Canada Day celebrations. Based on our Canada Day history, we have 50 years of celebrating to make up for Canada’s early years, so the big question is how will you celebrate?

Canada is definitely putting out all the stops this year with free admission to all National Parks, free concerts (Spirit of Victoria 150) as well as the 150 Play List challenge by ParticipACTION. The 150 Play List was created by votes from people across Canada. Including 150 physical activities that make us uniquely Canadian, the Play List is a challenge to Canadians in communities, schools, workplaces, and even abroad to see how many different activities they can complete in 2017. Check out the ParticipACTION website for FREE events happening in the lower mainland; some are even designed to help conquer the 150 Play List.

Now it is time to see whether you are a true Canadian. Here are some Canadian trivia questions (see answers at the bottom):

1. Where was this picture taken?

2. In which city can you find the giant nickel replica?

3. What is the official sport of Canada?

4. Do you know what a ‘Buck and Doe’ means?

5. What color is the 5 cent Canadian Tire bill?

For even more of a challenge try Maclean’s Canada150 Quiz:


1. Newfoundland and Labrador

2. Sudbury

3. Lacrosse

4. A fundraising party for engaged couples

5. Green

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