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Kindness Matters

The dating scene can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming these days with the introduction of online dating, speed dating, activity meet-ups, dating apps, etc. But what seems to be the consistent reason as to why people are on these platforms is companionship. But what is the most sought out trait in a companionship? Is it physical attractiveness or financial stability?

A recent study provided nearly 2500 participants around the globe with eight key traits to design their ideal partner – physical attractiveness, good financial prospects, kindness, humour, chastity, religiosity, desire for children, and creativity. Of the eight, the most important quality in a potential partner was kindness, which encompassed the largest portion of responses (22-26%). Regardless of cultural background, the typical top three traits daters looked for in their partners are kindness, attractiveness, and finances.

Bergland, C. (2020, January/February). What Daters Want.

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