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Do You Exercise as an Early Bird or Night Owl?

The long debate is when to exercise – Should I get it over with in the morning or wait until the evening? There are many resources with information and we have summarized a few here for you.

Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

  1. Exercising on an empty stomach is the best way to burn stored fat, which is ideal for weight loss.

  2. Cortisol and Growth Hormone are elevated in the morning, improving metabolism and use of fat reserves.

  3. Easier to stick to your fitness regime if you do it in the morning.

  4. More likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

  5. Early exercise has been linked to greater productivity, lower blood pressure, and better sleep.

Benefits of Exercising in the Afternoon/Early Evening

  1. After work, your anaerobic capacity is 7% higher.

  2. May increase performance as you have already eaten and mobilized the limbs.

  3. Preliminary study shows that you burn 10% more calories than workouts in the morning.

  4. Can help de-stress after a frustrating day at work.

  5. Evening workouts can increase body heat in the same way a warm bath does, promoting sleep.

The morning workout is considered to be the most beneficial based on our biology and psychology which can lead to better results over time. However, our lives can be extremely busy so the most important thing is to find the time to be physically active regardless of time of day. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week in at least 10 minute intervals.

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