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Men's Health Week

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and what better way to say that you care by spreading some health awareness!

Canadian men on average live 4 years less than women. On top of a reduced life expectancy, men also have lower rates of health expectancy - the number of years a person can expect to live in good health. Men are less inclined to seek healthcare services with approximately 80% of men refusing to see a physician until they are convinced by their partner or spouse to do so.

These statistics along with many others led to the idea of Men’s Health Week in Canada. It started in 2014. Each year promotes awareness of different aspects of men’s health. This year they are focusing on health in the work place.

Here are some tips if you work in a cubicle setting:

  1. Increase Activity – go for walking meetings, take calls standing up, take the stairs

  2. Mental Health – eat lunch away from your desk, give your eyes a break from screens

  3. Nutrition – eat breakfast, pack healthy snacks at your desk, drink plenty of water

Here are some tips if you work on your feet all day:

  1. Purchase the Right Shoe – remember that your feet swell during the day

  2. Take Sitting Breaks – try not to run errands during your breaks to rest your feet and back

  3. Take Care of Your Feet at Home – self foot massage or foot bath

If you are experiencing discomfort at your place of work don’t wait to see a healthcare provider! Take care of yourself and seek the help that you deserve.


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