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World Spine Day

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide that can prevent us from working or doing simple daily tasks and activities.

It has been demonstrated through research that poor posture and inactivity are the major contributors to the development of back pain and spinal disorders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 80% of adolescents are not active enough and 1 in 4 adults is not active enough.

The theme for World Spine Day 2017 is “Your Back in Action”. Physical activity is important for good spinal health and for the prevention of injury. Here at Lee Chiropractic Clinic we embraced World Spine Day by doing a group spin class together.

What will you do on World Spine Day?

FAST FACTS: 1. 1/3 of those with back pain say it affects their ability to sleep and results in millions of drug prescriptions every year. 2. 32 to 80% of those with chronic back pain also show symptoms of depression.

Leechiro at a spinclass at GoodLife Fitness

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