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Mighty Mitochondria

New science shows that it is not just how much muscle you have that’s important - it’s what’s inside that matters most. The metabolic activity of your muscles influences your body weight, energy levels, and your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Youthful, healthy muscle will have more mitochondria, less fat, and a healthy ratio of different muscle fibers. The mitochondria act like the powerhouse of the cell because they use fat and sugar to create energy. Mitochondria increase metabolism and stamina.

How can we make more of the powerhouse cells (mitochondria) so we can decrease fatigue? The answer is EXERCISE. Ironically, lack of exercise causes you to feel even more tired because mitochondria are made through a supply and demand process. Whether you’re doing a quick walk or a hard workout, the muscles need energy and so they recruit more mitochondria. If you avoid activity for too long the body starts to notice that it doesn’t need as much energy and tells the mitochondria to take a hike. The ones that are left behind become sluggish causing a decrease in energy and eventually an increase in fatty muscle… and the comfort of the couch becomes easier and easier making it harder to break the cycle.

Anyone no matter their age or lifestyle can create health-supporting, mitochondria filled, energy producing muscle with this very simple plan:

1. Walk 3 to 5 days a week for 35 to 45 minutes to increase mitochondria

2. Break out the weights 2 days a week for 20 minutes to maintain lean muscle mass

3. Eat protein at every meal to increase amino acids - the building blocks of muscle tissue

4. Get your Vitamin D - lack of Vitamin D has been linked to muscle loss and weakness

Unlock your body’s anti-aging superpowers and get active!

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