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(COVID-19 update - BC Phase 2)

We are proud of you and of ourselves too! Together we helped flatten the COVID-19 curve in BC and so now we have been advised to cautiously re-open our clinic to serve you!

Things will look different - our office has had a makeover. We've gone minimalist!

Yes, chiropractic care is hands-on, and we work indoors, but we are doing everything necessary to respect the need to keep 6 feet apart, to frequently wash our hands and other surfaces, and to keep close contact between us all to a minimum. We have a plexiglass barrier at the reception desk, only 2 waiting room chairs, no knick-knacks, and a "tap" point-of-sale terminal.

Our online booking service is once again OPEN.

To minimize the number of people in one area we are staggering appointment times and we ask that you come as close to your scheduled time as possible - just 5 minutes early. Please come alone, wear a non-medical mask, and use our hand-sanitizer on the way in and out of our office.

Thank you - together we can stay healthy and safe.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

At Lee Chiropractic Clinic, we address the underlying causes of your pain or other complaints. We examine your movement patterns and assess the mobility and stability of your spine and extremities. Your treatments may include hands-on therapy, traction, laser, education and exercises, which can help you become more aware of your body and allow you to perform your best in sports and everyday activities. With over 30 years of experience, we believe in using an evidence-informed approach in our treatment plans which will equally incorporate current research, practitioner experience and patient preferences.

With the recent advances in the understanding of chronic pain, we prioritize correcting the root cause of any acute pain early in order to prevent future problems. When you come to us with pain, we look at your individual factors to best understand the many facets of your health.

At Lee Chiropractic Clinic, we want to be Your Partners in Health!

Building Body Awareness
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Our Team

"Several months ago I developed a “frozen shoulder” in my right shoulder. Having been successfully treated for back problems at Lee Chiropractic in the past – they were my first choice for treatment. Through the dedicated efforts of both Eugene and Anne I am now 99% recovered! I would highly recommend Lee Chiropractic for treatment of both back and shoulder injuries."

 Mark S.

"I usually notice immediate effects of relief often with the first treatment for a specific pain, ie. headaches, arm and neck pain. I am completely satisfied with the treatment received from both Anne and Eugene over the years and would recommend their clinic without hesitation."



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